These are the current prizes (order to be determined):

First 10 entrants: 1 package of 15 stickers from Indian FM radio stations

* One copy of the WRTH 2008
* 3 EMWG PDFs by Herman Boel
* One copy of 2008 Domestic Broadcasting Survey by DSWCI
* One copy of “This is All India Radio” by Alokesh Gupta
* One copy of Joseph J. Carr's Practical Antenna Handbook by Alokesh Gupta
* One Germany DW Radio T-Shirt (L or XL)
* BIG FM T-Shirts
* Radio One College bags
* Radio One Umbrella’s
* 5 Germany DW Radio Key Chains
* 3 Germany DW Radio Cotton bag
* 5 Germany DW Radio pen
* 5 Germany DW Radio Cell phone tags
* 10 Germany DW Radio pins
* 1 year's Full membership (for an Indian resident) of the Dxers Guide
* 20 winners will get year's Dxers Guide electronic membership for outside the India from the Ardic DX Club
* 1 year's Full membership (for an Indian resident) of the Sarvadesa Vaanoli hard copy
* 20 winners will get 1 year's Sarvadesa Vaanoli electronic membership (for an Indian resident) from the Ardic DX Club

The following prizes will be given randomly to entrants:
* 3 Dxers Guide PDF's.